extra charged in bill and problem in converting postpaid to prepaid

dear sir,
i have faced two problems in last month.
first one is that i had went idea service center mukherjee nagar on 27th of January for converting my idea postpaid number(9718265066) into prepaid number that time they refused me to doing so by giving reaso of system problem and told me to come after a week. when i went there after a week they told me that they don’t have prepaid sim so come after a week and in next time they give me same reason. finally when i regularly went there center they told me to submit my document on 16th febuary and i did so with clearing my all outstandings(610 rupees) they told me that time for not using the sim for outgoing for 3 days and i did the same things. after 3 days (on 19th january) i got a message from idea for refusing the converting my sim to prepaid by saying that i have not clear my outstandings when i call customer care with this regard they told me that your application might have send before your bill deposits and to me to contact the service center where i went for converting. when i contacted to idea service center mukherjee nagar they told me that reason of not conversion is that you have have used the sim for outgoing (but i didn’t use it before receiving the message of request cancellation ) and told me pay another 210 rupee as extra dues . so please take action against them for violating guidelines of trai and for looting and creating problems for the customers.

my second problem is that i have activated roaming pack in my same number (9718265066) in 9th december and called to idea customer to deactivate on 8th january and they told they will do it. but they didn;t done it till now and collecting money for that pack from me regulary till date. why should i pay after 8th january . please do something about it

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