Fradulent Approach and False Commitment

Your Location/city: Navi Mumbai

Name of the product/service/company:: Club mahindra

This is regarding the Club Mahindra Membership # 1455627 that I had taken on 22nd March, 09. As committed, I was supposed to get a cashback of Rs. 6000/- within 30-40 days of enrolment. That never happened. I paid my 1st EMI on 7th May. I kept on waiting for the cashback which was a damn false commitment made by the Sales Professional.

I waited for approx 45 days for the cashback(against the committed 40 days) till 7th May and then I decided to withdraw my membership. I made requests for cancellation of my membership no. 1455627 vide mails dated 7th May, 19th May and 20th May. Every time I got a mail from the member relations team that somebody will speak to me within 2 or 3 working days.

I kept on writing mails but with no response. I finally called up the branch Office. I spoke to one of the executives and told him about the case. He said that there was no scheme of cashback on enrolment, hence, there would not be a cash back. I asked him about the commitment, which he said that was made by the Sales Executive and I needed to speak to him. I spoke to him and he said that the cash back was subject to a coversion of a reference put by him. This was never communicated to me that the cashback was subject to the conversion of a reference.

Also, I was told that there would be no refund of any amount that I have already paid.


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