Faulty Kenstar Water Dispenser

Location/place: Noida, Sector-2, B-60

Name of company/service: Kenstar India

Dear all, My name is Gagan Gupta, i purchased a kenstar water dispenser for my office on 19th of may 2010. When I installed the product at my office I found that the Hot water tap was dripping drop by drop. I launched the complaint on 31st of may 2010 with complaint number:- GHA3105100384. the technician came on 3rd of June and collected the hot water tap without having it replaced, as the technician was not having the replacement piece at that time, he left the dispenser in such a state that it cannot be used again (as there is not hot water tap so all water is flowing out). Now after one week the technician came on 10th of June 2010 and brought the tap with wrong specifications and changed it, when asked why there is a difference in both the taps, as its looking awkward now, he replied that this is what the company has provided them for replacement. Now the dispenser doesn’t look good with both the taps of different specifications and sizes, it actually looks like dirty now.

I launched the complaint again on 17th of June 2010, but no technician came till now Complaint number is:- GHA1706100250.

I have launched the complaint again on 14th of July 2010, but so far no response from the Kenstar. Complaint number is:- GHA1407100478.

I am really fed up with the Kenstar company product and the harassment by the technicians and the comapany employees like

Mr. Safiq, phone number: 9582777141 / 9811364043

Mr. Chandrashekhar, phone number: 9310680660 (General Manager)

Mr. snadeep: 9310680685

Vijendra technician: 9582598297
Jameel technician: 9582777135

All these people are highly irresponsible for their jobs and taking down the name of company like Kenstar and Videocon.

Now I have no choice but to move to consumer court and get my money and expenses reimbursed.

sincere advice to all you people, dont buy videocon and kenstar products under any circumstances, even for free, they are of very cheap quality and no after sales service.


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