FAULTY GAS BURNER dangering my family’s life

Hi sir/madam
we have purchased a gas burner from
Kamal Steel Center, shop no.2, plot 10,
riddhi siddhi heritage, sector 14 , Kamothe, Navi Mumbai.
Contact person : kishore Kumar prajapat
Mobile no. 9619760595
On 21 December 2014 with a warranty of 1 year from
BAKEMAN (the product name)
Manufactured by : jai mahavir industries
G12 , sector 2, DSIIDC ind. area, bawana, delhi 39
email:[email protected]

The day we got it installed/fitted by the shop keeper there was a leakage in the back nozzle of the burner which caught fire the moment we started it.
The next day we called the shop and the shop keeper arranged for an engineer from the company to get it serviced and which was done.

Yesterday (26 feb 2015) in the morning the front knob/regulator got loose and came out of the burner and caught a huge fire in the house, which we somehow managed to stop it by closing the gas regulator. In this process i got burns on my hand and my hair.

We called the service engineer to attend to on an urgent basis but we were informed that we need to speak to the shop keeper who will log a complain to them and they would attend it later.
The whole day passed and no one attended it to get it checked and rectified my family was in big trauma the whole day.

today (27 feb 2015) afternoon the engineer came to our place to check it, we have asked for a replacement of the burner or a refund of the said burner as we are constantly in fear that this is a faulty burner which could result in a major accident sometime later and danger to my family.

The service provider very rudely said they cannot replace or refunded the same and they can only service it to which we didn’t agreed it. To this they suggest to through it and get a new one.

My request is if this could be highlighted in this forum, as this is not about the money but the life is in danger for their selfish motives to earn money and not care about the customer.

thanks& regards
debashish bhattacharjee – 9833264167
banoshree bhattacharjee – 9930734237


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