Fake employment offer Australia

Greetings from: Asmo Ships.
Asmo Ships is pleased to offer you employment with reference to the online interview you had with us. You have been shortlisted for employment as one of our new employees who has successfully passed through our online recruitment and Email Interview.
Your qualification experience and eligibility to work in our Company has been confirmed and approved by the management concerned. Please review the attached document outlining your salary and benefits, and sign where indicated; we take great Pleasure in welcoming you to Asmo Ships. Your skills and experience will be an ideal fit for our Company.
Due to express traveling approval of Visa documents and some visa policies for immigrants and also long visa protocol, which makes it difficult for some international workers to obtain visa at due time, These unfriendly policies have definitely impacted many workers as well.
We therefore, decided to establish a cordial relationship between you and the Australian Consular Officer Ms Felicity Halona for fast approval of your Work Visa without delay and long visa protocol considering the documents that you may be required to present before the Australian High Commission and the nature of interview that you might face, the time and Visa delay, which might not be all that favorable to you, thereby resulting to refusal of the visa to you
You are to immediately contact the Australian Consul Officer: HON. MS FELICITY HALONA for the processing of your travelling documents. You are expected to get all your travelling documents through her, she will assist you in obtaining of all the necessary documents and work permit papers/visa for your travel to Australia.
Kindly find the attached document soft copy of Intent Appointment letter in this mail. Please review the attached document outlining the terms and conditions, salary and benefits, and sign where indicated and send it to the Australian Consular Officer
Email: [email protected]
NOTE: your details have been sent to Australian Consular section at the Australian embassy in India and will be opened on your behalf for the Visa process.
NOTE: (A) The Company will pay for your flight ticket to Australia immediately your visa is approved (B) The Company will reimburse back all expenses borne by you during the process of your travelling documents. (C) You will have to immediately contact the Australian Consular Officer: MS FELICITY HALONA with the below contact details: To proceed with your visa application.
Hon Ms Felicity Halona

Email: [email protected]

TEL: +91-9311———–

Whatsapp: +91-9311———–

Australian Consular Officer

Thanks & Regards

Frederic Lambert

Human resources Manager

Asmo Ships’

Call / Whatsapp: +614800——-

[email protected] | [email protected]

– above is the offer letter from them ,this is truly fake offer dont fall in their pit and trap


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