Failure to deliver the item ordered

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: DATAWIND INNOVATIONS PVT.LTD

I have made a prepayment of Rs. 2999/- By a demand draft No. 793733 dated 04-Feb-2012 to the company in contention, for the electronic gadget Ubislate 7+. I have belatedly received the acknowledgment of receipt of the payment by email on March 15, 2012 upon enquiry. As committed by the company for bookings with prepayment, preference will be given for the delivery of the item.In my case, it was told that I can receive the item by the end of march 2012.

I have not yet received the item so far from the company. I am not able to contact any representative or supporting staff of the company and their toll free support service is unresponsive to my desperate calls. Neither DID I receive the item nor any response from the company. To my surprise, the same product is being sold online by a company.

I am running pillar to post to get back the money at least, in case the company is turned out to be bogus.


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