Cheating Done By Country Club Resorts Team

Location/place: ZIRAKPUR

Name of company/service: Country Club Resorts

Dear Sir/Madam,

Through your team , I request you to help me in getting my money back from Country Club People. The details are I got regular calls from Country Club Delhi Office people to attend there session at Chandigarh. I went there & attended with my family where they give me one Online Voucher Code to avail complimentary stay at one of their resorts with family. I took it, ater some days calls came again from their Delhi office to avail this Code for their location of Goa. I was not interested for Goa but one of their Executive Abhishek insisted upon that you avail this BUT BEFORE THAT I NEED TO DEPOSIT Rs. 3500 in their Axis Bank which I did.
I booked Train Tickets for Goa but at the time of Dates given to me , tickets never got confirmed, I requested them to give me stay in any other resort in North India but they never agreed.
I was given again Dates from 1st June to 4th June. But Goa sector is always busy. I got my tickets booked One & Half Month before these dates. I started my journey through Taxi for Delhi as we were hopeful Tickets will get confirmed but sadly Only One Passenger was confirmed in Rajdhani & OTHER PASSENGERS WAITLISTED.
I immediately informed Country Club People , they assured me no issue you will get the changed dates. I requested to give stay in any other resort of North India as I have deposited Rs. 3500.00 but they told me it can be only for Goa.
I have called them several times after that, Abhishek kept on saying you will get the changed dates.
But today he informed me that now we cannot give you any dates. I will request you to help me in getting refund of Rs. 3500.00 plus my Travel charges of Rs. 5,000 as I travelled to Delhi & the amount for which I have been tortured by them.
Their Delhi Office Nos. are: Abhishek: 9718061283
& 011-64784667.

My Mobile No. is 9417007551

Waiting for your help.

Thanks & Regards,
Naresh Jandial
Regional Manager Ranbaxy


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