Failure of Whirlpool India to replace defective refrigerator

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Whirlpool of India limited

I had bought a whirlpool refrigerator Master Mind F23 DLX (s.No. INA093408795) from A.E.E.C. Co-op stores Ltd G2160 at Kalpakkam on 03-09-2009 for rs 14817.00. During the warranty period, the fridge had developed liner cracks, which was addressed to the whirlpool, chennai office. After constant follow-up from my side and desperate calls to them, the refrigerator was replaced by whirlpool, chennai through an appliance replacement advice no. 3200022501 dated 24/08/2010 and the item was received by me on 01/09/2010 at kalpakkam. Whirlpool assured me that the replaced refrigerator also carried warranty for a period of one year from the receipt date I.E. 01/09/2010.

Now the same problem of liner cracks are appearing in the refrigerator and number of complaints have been registered with whirlpool. To my dismay, the company is reluctantly sending their engineers to my house with an assurance of replacement since january 2011. This is the reason why I had to approach this forum for the redressal of my grievance. Now their chennai office informed me that Kalpakkam comes under Kanchipuram office and I am being directed to this new office. Whirlpool at Kanchipuram office have refused to address my problem saying this can not be replaced.

Such a reputed company has supplied the refrigerator of poor design/Workmanship or from defective lot and the company is not ready to address my grievance. I have tried all possibilities without any success.

Neither did the dealer nor the company come forward to address my problem. Whirlpool of India Limited is indifferent and dodging my frantic appeals (unlimited phone calls)to replace the fridge. The product suffers from serious design and quality related issues which the company is not ready to admit. Due to this I am undergoing mental agony and feeling cheated by whirlpool. This is precisely the reason why I have opted for going public with my complaint.

C. Rajagopalan
No.3, 52nd Avenue,
DAE Township
Kalpakkam 603 102
Tamil Nadu.


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  1. A Victor Avatar
    A Victor

    My Sincere advice to all readers is to never buy any whirlpool product. Last month I purchased a Whirlpool Microwave and from day one it didn’t work. The engineer after repeated calls came and took the product and now it is more than a month and no response. I have lost 11,000 Rupees and no one is contactable. Whenever I raise a complaint I get an SMS and then another SMS that the ticket is closed. I can see the situation of Rajagopal and I fully agree with him and I also have made a decision to go public against Whirlpool. Regards, Victor

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