I have bought some Items at Haridwar V2 Store on dated 3rd Sep’ 21 (Friday) and there were two Jeans which we need to purchase 30 nos, but by mistake we bought one jeans of 28 no.

I have visited on 4th Sep’ 21 but store was closed, then again I visited on 5th Sep’ 21 (Sunday) but Guard has denied that today we can’t xchange it and he see the bill details and Jeans also.

So again Today (6th Sep’ 21) I have visited at store and Guard is asking that this jeans price is Rupee 899/. so you need to visit again with both jeans, so I have asked him that you can informed my Yesterday If I need to visited with both Jeans.

He is speak loudly with me, I also revert the same, But after some time we both cool and I request to him that Please provide only 30 no instead of 28, he is agree and ask to some boy with 30 no jeans, during this time one one staff member entered in store and he asked that what are you doing , other staff member reply that we are replacing the jeans, he say it’s theft case, he reply to staff and ask staff to come near billing counter, during this activity Guard is waiting for their signal to replace the Jeans, Guard ask to Staff member please suggest, he denied we can’t replace the jeans without other jeans, I have asked him I can’t come again for replacing the Jenas, if you need take , I can arrange on whatsup right now.

They denied and asking for physical presence of other (30 no) jeans, I have again ask to Guard, why you have not informed to me yesterday for this process.

After that other staff member also come, he says what happened, I have told him all the case history, he asked to someone to called the Manager.

Manager came he asked me what happened, I have told him all things which are happened till now, he say we can’t replace and behaving very roundly.

After that I have come back to my home and leave the Jeans (28 no) on store, I said if you can’t replace this, please kept this jeans with you.

So Here my concern that:

Your staff will be behaving like this with the Customer?

and can customer will be visited 4~5 times to replace any items with this behave?

Any respect of the Customer on your store?

Guard also behaving like Manager’s Boss also he is saying I have spend 32 Months here, and Tum ya ye log kya kar loge mera and others words, which I can’t write here.

I have also called to Customer care at today 12:27 PM, some female staff pickup the phone and reply abhi lunch chal rha hai please call after 30 min and cut the call.


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