excess payment made,even discontinue outgoing call

Your Location/city: malad [e]

Name of the product/service/company:: vodafone bill

Dear Manoj,
I have some dispute with vodafone [Previously Hutch] from April 2007 about excess charges
made by them and I have not paid the same and written a letter to them explain the content
but so far up-to-day they have not given me any reply.
now vodafone exist and they are demanding the balance aamount and I have told them about
the fact but they told me on the phone that they can’t do any thing now as Hutch is now no
more. Then i told them, why are you demanding the money? only replying that pending bill and
make the payments.
I have mail them, send the fax, send the Jetter by currier as they have disconnected my out
going from 14/09/2009.
They have send me the statement of Invoice from 10/12/1998 to 11/09/2009, in which it shows
excess payment made by me. Now I am asking them to clarify me about adjustments you are
showing, they are not willing to help me and demanding to make the payment. I have received
the bin for Sept,09 on 18/09/09 and made the payment on 19/9/09.
I am paying the bill regularly in time and before the due date, even though they are charging
me Rs.100/- as mise charge.
Now, can you help me to solve the problem. If you want, i can send you all the papers so you
can understand my difficulties.
Hoping your reply,
Thanking you,
Yours Truly,
H K shah


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