Engine overhauled in 2500 kms

Location/place: Hyderabad-

Name of company/service: FORD INDIA- Mody Ford

I had sent my vehicle to the nearest Ford Service centre for engine oil leakage, however, Mody Ford from whom i had purchased the vehicle insisted on getting the vehicle moved to their service station. When I’d moved the vehicle the first Ford dealership was still investigating engine oil leakage and suspected that something may have been mixed with the engine oil. As soon as the vehicle was moved to Mody Ford, I was told that water had been poured in the engine oil compartment to the point that the cranks and all shafts are submerged in water!

Despite requesting Ford India to honour the warranty, the piston had broken and chipped metallic pieces were found, the same was not considered a mechanical fault and I was forced to shell out the money for a new engine, when the vehicle had only been used for 2500 odd kms.
When I requested for the old engine, since I wanted to get it verified by a third party verifier, I was told the same has been shipped to Chennai.

I want to lodge a complaint for negligence and malpractice by the dealership and poor handling by Ford India. The insurer was Bharti Axa, who simply went along with the Ford dealer’s point of view.
Can anybody help me out here?

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