At OLX site I found an ad for Blackberry Passport mob phone. I communicated and asked the details. Offer was very lucrative and in hindsight very unrealistic. Stll, out of greed I yielded to it. The site they suggested was I logged in and found a valid site. But after a day found the site down. All this while on whatsapp a lady kept on communicating with me. Ultimately i paid them Rs 31K by airtel money and bank transfer. Sent me order ID and promise to deliver the product within 24 hrs. But despite my repeated requests no details of courrier was given. Now, all phones, whatsapp, text non responsive. All phones switched off. No sign of activity. Hence I feel due to my greed in getting a product i 2/3 price has lead me to me being fairly squarely duped off my hard earned money.


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