Location/place: sonpur/bihar

Name of company/service: tata docomo

my tata docomo number 9031345748 is 1 year older and the said company disconnected it without any prior notice and now saying to resubmit my document.As i am unable to do this because i am a sailor and at present on ship,so how could i submit the docs?another incidence is when i activated gprs plan of rs 5 automatically plan of rs 95 activated and deducted from my balance.When i rang to cust care they said u hv activated rs95 plan but how is this possible i press 1 to activate rs5 gprs plan.It means you press any button the plan of rs95 will activate.I have been cheated by this tata docomo company. I request the authority to pay some attention on my issue as i am getting problem due to disconnection. Thanks brgds prem prakash


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