Demand Notice and incorrect billing

I took tikona Boradband connection in Nov-20 with 6 months subscription by doing prepayment. While taking connection Tikona service provider told me that if i take connection for 6 months subscription than i will be getting modem and installation for free.
I was not getting good internet service in-spite of raising n number of complaints on their customer care service. My work got impacted too .. I continued this for a month and than i moved to another Wifi service provider. Though i did payment for 6 months , i have not used service. I sent email for repayment but Tikona has never responded to my emails.

After few months Tikona has started sending me bills and now they are sending me Demand Notice asking for payment of 1451 bill and 1500 for Modem. Not sure based on what Tikona is charging me these bills. I am getting lot of calls from Tikona advocates mentioning they will lock my bank accounts , File case in Delhi court and all. I am sending lot of emails to Tikona customer care but they are not responding to them.
I am really frustrated with Tikona service and their customer care support.

Please help me here

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