Delhi High Court R.C. Gautam +918587813652

Today (June 30,2014), I received a first call around 10.30am from a Asstt. person from Delhi High Court information cell bearing number Male +919643497271 & Female +919643497273 informing me that there in a case filled on my name in Delhi Court (Case no. 503 DC) Cheating Case they continue calling me, He/she mentioned that there is a notice form advocate R.C. Gautam and was confirmed my address. They also mentioned about the case in Delhi High Court and he/she continuous asking me contact to Mr. R.C. Gautam +918587813652. But still I haven’t received any notice from the Delhi High Court, Regarding Court Case.

I already said, I don’t have any company or business, I think these people are a fraud racket and trying to fool innocent people by them trapped. I surprised how they got number and other details. So, Please any one help me for this issue.

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