Customer Fraud and wrongful representation


My telephone number is 9911442571 and i have also registered my number
at the idea cellular and called in with the complaint to Idea without any response

i played the BMW quiz in response to an IVR promotion that announced call in toll free and won about 600 points as per the last update and
was also informed by the IVR message to redeem my recharge voucher for rs 200 which i won,i looked up
everywhere and also on the site but did not get any information on this

i also called 198 the idea customer service number and talked to vaisakhi who informed that its is
availaible at the nearest idea point but did not have details which is strange since the
voucher/code should either get sent to me or my account credited

please note that this is very misleading and a clear demonstration of
customer fraud,please recharge my phone amd also give me full details
about the contest…you cant announce that its toll free and charge
customers and then not give it

i wriote a mail as well asking for a response and i quoted “failure to respond may attract legal action,please let me know why
legal action should not be initiated against idea cellular/aditya
birla” to which i have not yet recieved a response

Request your help in this regard

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