CRB tech: Fake Job and money oriented Consultancy


All the things found on internet are 100% true about CRB tech.
This is completely fake job money oriented consultancy.
They are interested in your money only(1.67lakh).

Once I got a call from crb tech via naukri profile, then they told us about their companies but most important thing is that they didn’t mentioned that they are a consultancy not a company, she was just talking about we have opening and salary was between 22k to 26k, and many more things. Then I went to crb tech and when I was there, first they took my local computer based aptitude test and then they took my interview and then they opened up their whole scheme that we had following departments and we taught following software and many more, then they told us about their fees (1.67lakh rs) plus stipend (4500rs). Then after they told us if you passed in following aptitude test then only you are eligible to take training from us (This point shows that hamko esa lagega ki ha kuch bat to hogi ya pe, tabhi to ye log esa bol rahe hai…..). Then they told me that I am passed in aptitude exam and you have to pay rs 18000 today and remaining within 10 days so that you will get stipend of rs 4500. So I paid 18000 rs there and make registration and then after few days I called them and ask for money back they simply told me no.

Even before time of joining, I also search on internet and found that CRB tech is fake and many more some positive reviews and much more negative review but I thought that these all are fake reviews and after discussion with parents I took admission into it and I paid whole fees.

Also they provide me a 4 contact numbers in between time of joining and I called each one of them personally and they all talked in such a manner that you will assure that lets take admission into it as I did but after few month (when I was in crb tech) I got to know that they give same numbers to other field students and those 4 person talk to those student as they all are in that subsequent field [unlogo ne unsabse ese hi bat ki jese wo us field me ho] (ultimately they all are making you fool so that they can make money easily)

Then after in 1st week I got to know that they don’t have separate faculties for different branch of engineering. They have only one faculty for ME, CE, EE. Also I got to know that for learning software you have to bring your own laptop or purchase your own laptop they even don’t have their own computer systems. As they have only one faculty belongs to ME branch so other branch students have to learn their subsequent softwares via internet from Pune…..That is main drawback…If you are from outside of Ahmedabad then you have to come Ahmedabad and live in PG and that all make your cost too high. And after that you got to know that they don’t have ultimately qualitative education.

And at the time of joining they told me that we make an agreement on notary paper of 100% job guarantee but tell me what you will do with that agreement after not getting desired job. (I have lots of examples and my friends also from CRB tech still they are doing a job of Rs 10,000 after a 1 year). One most important thing that some of the students took loan for paying fees to take admission into crb tech, and I show them personally when they don’t provide you a desired job and one side you don’t have money to pay loan and they don’t give a job as agreement and then one of the student faught with HR and she simply told him that you just get out and you don’t have to come here again. (Ultimately Rude behaviour, after paying fees tum kon, ham kon). Even if you think that you will do a police case on them, what will you do after that, they have strong background, and you can’t do alone anything against them. Ultimately no one want to put himself in court and all those things because already we have wasted so much time into it.

And at the time of joining they will praise you and told you that you are good and intelligent person and you will get a job within 2 month don’t worry and all types of stupid things, so that you can pay fees and ultimately they will butter up you, especially employees of CRB tech…….unse jyada to tuje aata hoga….because they don’t have qualitative education….. Ultimately they will do brain washing of you and your parents, so that your parents pay fee to them…..sab paiso ka khel hai…..

Then after they will provide you a job of 10k rs per month and if you say no then they will black mail you and they will force you to join a local company and ultimately they want to kick out from CRB tech so that they can told there senior that we make one placement….

One more thing that they usually make a one agreement with students in which they have clearly mentioned that you can’t speak bad things about crb tech, so ultimately if you don’t get a job then you can’t do anything publically. But I want to tell those uneducated fellows that this are not bad thing, These are true review, and even Indian constitution gives right to each and every one to post a true review about anything. So please dear fresher and all other job aspirants don’t go in CRB tech, just search your desired job via other media and don’t pay a single rupees to anyone….

Yes one more thing if you want to know more about CRB tech, then just write on Google that ” CRB tech is fake”, you will gate lots of pages where many more old CRB tech students attached there experience and some face book pages where some other students make their review.. Believe me these all reviews are 100% true even I can make a notary paper about this review that this are 100% true.

Even did you notice, this CRB tech doesn’t have their own Google website where Google gives right to each of one to write a review about visiting places, do you know why ? Because recently in month of July or August 2020, they removed their website from Google because there were lots of true reviews (Negative review jo sahi hai wo sabhi baccho ne likha tha) placed by students. So this all reviews are more in numbers so they simply remove their website.

This is case which was filed on CRB tech in year 2017, And at that time their fulll name were used(CR bridge placement consultancy), I know this because at first day of joining they told us there company`s whole name and after few month of joining I found this case on Google:
FIR against placement firm owner for duping students

If someone says that whatever I have mentioned here are fake then simply I want to tell those fellows that you just take admission into it and spoil your time, money and career and after that you repent.(Pachatana admission lene ke badd). I didn’t write such a long story just to write, what has happened to me, that has been written.
So please don’t join them….
Just apply for job via other media without giving money to anyone and just learn any 2 to 3 software from online free media. You don’t need to give money to anyone for job.
Have a nice day


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