fraud done with me by club mahindra

I Janu Sharma member of Club Mahindra Holidays my member id is 2873021.I received calls from 19th Dec. Regarding Emi’s not paid.A person called me named as Mr. Munish as said his designation Senior Relationship Manager sales appointed in chandigarh. He asked me that there is a procedure to stop the emi’i, that you have a pay Rs.3000 and your emi will stop. Actually my mother was hospitalised form last 8-9 months thats why i am not able to pay your emi’s and i am the only person to earn money that person called again and he ask me that if you are unable to pay emi’s so you can sell you membership to third party and i was not revealed any of my information to that person but he already have my full information e.g name,address,phone number,email id,how much i already paid,how many emi’s paid,even the name of that particular sales person who sell me this membership. He also send me his details of club mahindra designation chat. Then he started to sell my membership to some third party and he ask me your all payments will refund back and at this medical emergency situation in need money so he continuosly ask me to pay PRO Fees,CDSO fee,Denial Fee and i transfered him.Within a week he take Rs.62000approx. and he will offering more nowalso but i feel some mess so i think to take some action now this person doing such kind of fraud but please clarify me and give answer to me how my perosnal information which i gave you revealed from Club Mahindra office and how is this person. Is this your employee or not. If not so please tell me how can he captured the infornation of my membership account and please take possible actions and refund my money back frauded in the name of club mahindra with all official mails and documents. At the same time i received emails from club mahindra regarding the same then i trust that person but then i realize its too late.The emails i recieved and documents are attached as follow.Please sort out my issue i am in deep shock under these conditions i am helpless now i am your member please help me and take possible steps to refund my money back.


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