Corrupt Indian Railway System

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: housewife

there is a lot to say about railway:
1. I booked my 2-wheeler from kota to chennai and inspite of having all my contact nos with them.,they didnt call me in time when my vehicle reached chennai.I was forced to pay a penalty of Rs 910 for their laziness.Why they take phone nos. when they dont know how to work?

2.At kota station,i asked for the luggage ticket for my cpu and lcd.The lady at the counter told me that there is no luggage ticket for such items and when i reached chennai,the TT fined me with 6 times penalty as Rs 642 which in actual was just Rs 107.They show power and shout at you if u dont pay them.
Corrupt people.just dont know how to work..pity on these jerks.

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