Complaints in the Ford Figo

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: Ford

Iam Kishore from Chennai, i bought a Ford Figo in 2010, from the day of purchase iam getting problems from the car. Now i met with an accident because of the poor braking system. The car is fitted with ABS but it has not done its job. When i contacted Ford Indis there is not proper response from Ford.

List of Complaints
1) Car was changed during the delivery.
2) The dicky door was painted by hand.
3) Front right hand side door was not aligned properly.
4) Battery was changed with in 5 months.
5) Noise from the rear shock absorbers.
6) Fog Formation in the Head lights.
7) Noise for the steering wheel, problem in the steering rack.
8) Brake failure which should have taken me for death.
9) Wind Screen washer is not working.
10) Rain water getting inside the rear door glass window.


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