Complaint against Vodafone for harassing on the accounts of already submitted documents

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Vodafone

I am Shalini Gupta, a vodafone customer, mobile number (9899924661). I migrated my prepaid number to postpaid in October 2011, on being misguided by a vodafone dealer who visited my house. he offered the plan of 199 and said that I will be given 22,000 seconds of local and STD + 200 SMS. But I had always been given 12,000 seconds only.

Then after numerous visits to the vodafone store in last 6 months, I finally got my number migrated back to prepaid last Saturday (9th June 2012). But today morning, I received an SMS saying that I need to give the documents else, my CLIP will be barred in 24 hours. I have done a recharge of Rs.410 on Sunday itself and I was told by the Vodafone store that on a recharge of minimum Rs.200, my number will be completely activated and I won’t be asked for anything else.

My complaint is, why am I supposed to give the documents all over again when I submitted the completed documents on Saturday 9th June 2012?

When I called customer care, they suggested me to visit the store again and ask them to update the details. How many times will I have to go to the store to get the things done?

After the submission of documents, it is Vodafone Store’s responsibility to do the needful updation, then why am I supposed to visit their store and confirm each and every thing?

When I asked their store’s contact number, they denied giving the number. The nearest store from my house is also 15Kms away, and it is located in a very crowded area and takes me more than 1 hour to reach. Now, should I take leave from my work to just REQUEST them to update the details of the documents I had already given, in the system?

I am suffering from Cervical Spondylosis, I can’t even travel much and in this situation, I am harassed on a continuous basis for irrelevant things, Was it my mistake choosing Vodafone at the first place?

Everytime when visited Vodafone store, I was told not to migrate from postpaid to prepaid and when i denied, I was always given some or the other excuse and my request was not accepted, sometimes it was some IT issue, or sometimes it was billing cycle which later I was told was not a concern at all.

I want to file this complaint against Vodafone.Kindly do the needful.

Shalini Gupta
+91 9899924661

Vodafone Store visited: K 62, Chachi Building, Krishna Nagar, Delhi

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