Complaint against no action taken by the company micro max for its service centre


Name of company/service: MICROMAX INDIA

Dear Sir,

Most humbly and respectfully i have to state that i had made a complain to micromax india but i got no response yet while about one month is passed. the details of complain is given below which i sent to Micromax on its email id twice.
(Dear Sir i can provide the return receipt of my mail which i sent to micromax from my email id)
Request to please help out us.
with regards
Dinesh Kumar Srivastav
Email : [email protected]
Mobile : 8689846887
Letter details:
To Micromax India ( Micromax” <[email protected])


This is to inform you that I have bought a mobile hand set of Micromax. (M_ IMEI 911123501539934 ) (S_IMEI 911123506539939)
Just within 3 days of purchase of my new cell I came to know that if someone calls me it rings on his cell but shows switched off in my cell
and after couple of months the battery also got damaged for unknown reason.

I visited one of your service centre where I was offered battery which was unpacked and unsealed in replace of old one.
The representative of that service centre opened my cell & demanded a fee of Rs 190/- for the cost of repair, which was not told to me earlier before opening of cell as the cell was under warranty, so were does the question of money involved.
M/S Akshar Telecom G-7, 8 Hind Rajasthan Bldg, 95, D.P.Road, Dadar (C.Rly), Maharashtra 400052

At this same day I went to other Micromax Service centre (M/S Bhagwati Mobile Near Sony Service Center..Thakkar Mallopp.Borivali Railway Station,Borivalli) where Ithey told me that my cell was not sealed by First Service Centre, I again ran back to the Micromax Dadar based Service centre and ask them about sealing of my new phone set, at first they refused to seal the set & then they came entered in to an much abusive argument which was not expected from Micromax deaker and at last they made the papers & got my new cell sealed.
I again rushed back to micromax Borivali based service centre and asked them to repair my warranty phone set. They took a fee of Rs 100 which I paid immediately. Same day at evening I got a phone call from micromax Borivali based service centre and informed that my phone will only get repaired only if repair charges of Rs 500/- be paid. Now the interesting part is the first dealer wanted to extract Rs 190/- & the second dealer was even more clever who wanted to extract Rs 500/- from me.
The cost of my new cell is Rs 1250/- but actually for the repair & other fees my cell would have fallen at a price of RS 1850. ( 1250+500+100 ) IF I HAD REPAIRED IT.
Secondly I had to skip office for visiting your esteemed dealer & also face the price of dealing with Micromax.

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