Complaint against defective Data Card of Vodafone Company

Location/place: 8B Middleton Street, Flat No. 8D, 8th Floor, Geetanjali Apartment,Near Vardaan Market, Kolkata-071 (W.B)(India)

Name of company/service: Vodafone Essar East Limited

I had purchased a Data Card for my new Laptop from a Vodafone Store, situated at B.B.D Bag, Dalhousie Square, Kolkata vide their Bill of dated 26.10.2009. At the time of purchase the dealer introduced me about the new scheme i.e. A packager for one year which cost is Rs. 5999/- which includes the facility of unlimited surfing and 1GB download allowed in a month.I purchased the same immediately from the company. But the company took about 15 days period to activate the same and during this period also took Rs. 650/- by cheating/fraud by saying that this amount is in lieue of service tax + other charges etc.etc. To avoid the dispute I also paid it from my pocket. But since the date of purchase it was not working properly. Time and again I had to visit their store to mend the defective device. I also requested them to give back my money as a am fed up and tired to repair the same as well as my laptop which was damaged due to defective device. But the dealer refused that at no cost they will not refund my money i.e. Rs. 6650/-.

Ultimately, in this connection I wrote a letter with full detail to Mr. Siridhar Rao, Applete Authority, Vodafone Essar East Ltd., Constanita office complex, 11, Dr. U.N. Brahmachari street, Kolkata – 700 017(copy attached) and also 10 (TEN) REMINDERS to the above said official but received negative reply by his staff.Not only in writing but I also tried to convey the truth over phone several times but it was very bitter experience that every time a new employeeof customercare compelled to tell me the story after that they were leaving it as pending matter.

Now I have received one notice from the company with the BOLD LETTERS i.e. “FINAL REMINDER” for clearance of outstanding dues of Rs. 1451.57 against my account no. of SIM no. 9874710777. By which they have warned me that “if the above overdue outstanding is not cleared by 23rd June 2010, we shall be compelled to take necessary legal action as deemed fit”
They provide the contact nos. of their office in this letter also. As such I CONTACTED ON 9830034431 on – THE ATTENDANT LISTENED all the back ground and felt sorry and assured me to solve the issue but about one week is lapsed I heard nothing from that side. Today is 23rdJune09 and last date of their warning.

Sir kindly let me know what should I do?
I hereby lodging my complaint with the consumer forum for recovery of my payment Rs. 6650/-(Datacard’s cost) and payment of rasonable cost for my HARASSMENT AND DAMAGED CAUSED TO ME AND MY COMPUTEFR IN THIS BEHALF.

kINDLY OBLIGE ME BY PROVIDING THE CONTACT NOS. OF Media/press so that this issue can be resolved as early as possible.

Kindly help me and acknowledge the complaint No. at my following email eddress: .
With kind regards,
Sunita sehgal
Add: as above
M.No. 9836140777.

Encl: copy of complaint/letter addressed to Mr. Siridhar Rao, dated 02.04.2010.

data card complaint.doc (59 KB)

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