Location/place: NEW DELHI

Name of company/service: LG Electronics India Ltd

FINALNOTICE Dated:16/01/2010
Sri Moon Bum Shin,
The Chairman & Managing Director,
LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd,
Plot No: 51, Udhyog Vihar,
Surajpur Kasna Road,
Greater Noida-201306 (UP)

Dear Sir,

SUB: Complaint against Bad Service and Callous attitude of
Technician-Award of compensation of Rs4000/- due to harassment
facing–Product: LG A- ONE Platinum Refrigerator.

REF: Email date 28/09/09 and reminder on 30/09, 02/10, 09/10,13/10,
21/10/09 and online complaint vide no: 211020090 dated 21/10/2009,
Regd letter dt 27/10, further reminder on 07/11,23/11,28/11,05/12,07/12,

During the month of June, 2009 I contacted Mr. Naveen , gas charging
person, over his Tel:9811280092,who is a close relative of Mr. Naresh
(Tel:9873566216) working in Decent Services, Maya Puri, N Delhi since
my freeze causing poblem i.e not cooling properly. Further he attended
the complaint and charge Rs600/- for refilling gas and he refused to
give a proper bill of LG & told me that he is charging less amt as
compared to amt charged by LG.

On 26/08/09 I again contacted him over phone since the freeze was not
again giving proper cooling. Since then he has not been attending the
problem and making different excuses every times on my call.
Sometimes he even not pick the mobile and when he picks by mistake,
he asked me to contact to Naresh over phone to attend the problem
since he is out of station.

Anyhow after waisting of 10 days in this drama, I compelled to lodge
my complaint to LG Service Centre on 07/09/09 vide no: N9C90711804
and problem was attended by Mr Ashok, technician & charging Rs380/-
vide bill:1346 dt 08/09/09 for service charge & thermostat charges
though problem was in gas leakage. When cooling problem again
persist, on my complaint no:N9C91500036 dt 15/09,technician not
visited this time& they sent Mr Narain to refill gas and asked for Rs527/-,
when we resist and asked for to wait for half an hour till my coming
from office, then he mark a cut & unfilled the gas and went away.

After requesting several times from 15/09 to Mr.Ashok technician/
engineer over ph: 9873566231, he further not did visit the house & sent
Mr Rohit to attend the problem on my complaint no:C0992309319
& C0992320926 dated 23/09/09, refill the gas and charged Rs 530/-
simply by noting the same in the same bill no:1346 of dt 08/09/09.
I again lodged a complaint vide no:C0992514313 dt 25/09/09 when
the problem of cooling persist or immediately noticed on 24/09.
I further reminded at your call centre on 26/09 & 27/09 when the
complaint of 25th has not been attended so far even after expiry of
more than 24 hrs. the reply from CC was that the complaint will be
attended after Dussehra holidays. On 29th, when I reminded again to
Call Centre, then they replied that the complaint was shown closed on
chart though nobody attended the same. Anyhow they registered a
fresh complaint vide No: C0992923011 dt
29/09/09. I also contacted
Mr Ashok over ph ; 9873566231 and then after waiting half an hour for
picking the mobile, he replied very rudely that he has done his own
work i e submission of report and there is no reply by him reg.
closure of my 25th Sept complaint.
I also registered online complaint vide no:300920090 dt 29/09/09 but
there is no reply till date. Finally the complaint was attended on
01/10/09 after 40 hrs. So far I have not received any response of my
complaint lodged through email from the Company,CO as well as Mr.
Sumit Bajaj, Regional Sales Manager which shows clearly a case of
deficiency in services by parent company except ack of complaint two
times by Mr Sebastin,CO.

In view of my harassment I faced for the last 4-5 months due to BAD
SERVICE & CALLOUS ATTITUDE of your Engineer/Technician and even
spending of Rs.1500/-(Equal to 3 Yrs AMC charges) till date in
refilling of gas, I draw your attention towards such type of
deficiency in services and request you to take up the suitable action
against such employee and award me a compensation of Rs.4000/- for
harrassment, I am facing for the last 4-5 months including expenses
incurred by me due to non working of Freeze in such a hot summer
season to avoid filing of a case in Consumer Forum against
deficiency of service to award the compensation to Consumer.

Yours faithfully,

( Naresh Kumar Yadav )
Email add:[email protected]
Add: Flat No:311, Akshardham Apptt.
Sector-19, Pkt-3, Dwarka, N Delhi-110078



  1. Dr.Samuel Deepak Mecarty Avatar
    Dr.Samuel Deepak Mecarty


    I have a 1.5 t LG Air Conditioner which is about 6-7 years old, apart from other LG Products. This year in May it developed some problems and was not functioning well. So I asked your authorized service center in Allahabad UP (M/s Pareekh Agencies) to look into the problem and rectify it. They saw it asked me to get the compressor changed to which I agreed and paid up Rs. 8800/- as their charges after the repairs.

    Just after four months of working, the AC started ice formation on the cooling coil (the front portion which sucks in hot air) and was not cooling at all. I again contacted the same service centre who informed that this problem is because of gas leakage and that they would fill in the gas that will rectify the problem. I sent the AC to their workshop.

    So far so good. But when they brought it back they asked me to pay Rs.1600/- again, to which I objected on the grounds that they had repaired the AC just 4 months back — at least six month warranty should be there. But your service center started using very indecent language and threatened me with all sorts of consequences if I did not pay them Rs.1600/-.
    I had no intentions of getting in a fracas with them so I paid them.

    But the point is – Is it how a multinational company like LG operate? Is this the kind of authorized service centre you have? Is this the business ethics of LG – fleece the customer??

    I am appalled by their behavior so am bringing it to your notice. It’s not Rs.1600/- but it’s my faith in LG that has been abused.

    I hope and trust that you will see to it that what has happened with me does not happen with other customer who takes pride in buying an LG.

    Thank you,


    Dr S D MeCarty,
    Principal/Program Coordinator,
    KVK, Allahabad

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