charged extra amount frm the credit card

Location/place: mumbai

Name of company/service: Videocon d2h sattelite TV

Dear Sir,

My name is Aditya Kumar. My customer number with Videocon D2H is: 5107570 and my registration number:41248178521/SR. No.:411209780102782.
The reference no. with videocon D2h customer care is 12404836.

My D2H a/c was temporarily suspended by videocon on april 8, 2010. whereas i was informed by the dealer from where i purchased the D2H connection had informed me that i will get 2 months free subscription. But right after a month of subscription i started getting messeges from Videocon D2H that my a/c balance is negative. so on april 8,2010. i called videocon D2H to get the information about the suspension of my service. The representative told me that my a/c balance is negaive by Rs.168.00. so i asked him about what to do next. he told me that the charge for the extra cable has been deducted from my a/c. and also told me that i will have to recharge my a/c with atleast Rs.200.00.and also insisted me to pay with him over the phone with my credit card.I asked that i want to recharge my a/c. so he routed my call to IVR and he was also with me on the IVR. as soon as IVR asked to enter the amount that needs to be recharged he Punched in the amount of Rs. 2000.00 instead of Rs.200.00 after that i punched in the credit card info. after the payment processing i got the confirmation that the a/c has been recharged with Rs. 2000.00.I asked the representative about the same.he told me that its not updated yet.and hung up the phone. after few minutes i got the confirmation message from my bank stating that my credit card has been Charged Rs.2000.00. i called the customer care of videocon D2H. and complaint about the same. They kept on saying that they do not have the authority to do so.they were not ready to lodge the complain. their Customer Care replied me that we can’t do anything about it as the a/c is already recharged.I spoke with the floor supervisor(Mr. puneet and Mr. Vaibhav)on asking their employee number they said that they will not provide any further information.

My concern is:
1. Dealer hides most of the term and condition while selling the product.
2. The company is not taking the responsibility or investigating the complaint.
3. I need my deducted amount(Rs. 1800.00) and compensation back as It is a mistake of the customer care representative.

I’m very much frustrated by the services provided by the well-known company called VIDEOCON.

Thanks ‘N’ Regards,

Aditya Kumar


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