Company refusing for the service of Santro

Location/place: RZ-1, St. No. 5, Mohan Block, West Sagar Pur, New Delhi

Name of company/service: MGF Hyundai

I am the owner of vehicle no. DL4CAG 2579. This vehicle is hyundai made model Santro Zing XO, I am a regular customer of MGF hyundai, MayaPuri since last five years. I had gone there on Dec4, 2010 to get my car brakes repaired. ATtendent Mr. Kamal there is very rude does not have the manners to speak to the consumers. He just refused to take the car for the repair and said very ill mannerly go some where else for the repair of your vehicle.
Then I gone to SAMARA Hyundai and got my car repaired there. In this case you can check that I have repaired my car brakes on DEC 4, 2010 in SAMARA Hyundai.
Please this is my humble request to the company to look the matter and let have some Public Communication lesson to the employee.
Issue of the brakes in a car is quite sensitive so please let the MGF Hyundai not to refuse to repair the cars.


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