Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Uvacha Software Solutions Pvt Ltd


I would like to bring to everyones notice about a company called Uvacha Software Solutions Pvt Ltd ( The management of this company, names listed below, is so bad that they resort to tactics like threatening employees to screw their careers if employees express their unwillingness to continue with the organization and use abusive language against their employees and fool their employees.

I worked with that company for 1 year and 9 months and all the while i witnessed the way the company was treating their employees, especially freshers, since i wasn’t fresher they did not play their tactics against me till i resigned. I put my resignation in the month of june 2011 and it took almost five months for me to move out of that company, i.e. in nov 2011 i forced my exit from the company because the management did not pay me for three months then. And whenever i asked for money they gave various illogical reasons like NOT HAVING SUFFICIENT FUNDS, CUSTOMER HAS STOLEN OUR CODE AND HENCE NO PAYMENT on time etc.

It has been like almost 5 months since i came out of that company and I’m still fighting to get my money from the company.

Headnote to everyone think twice before getting associated with this company.

The management looks all polite and decent and also they have degrees from reputed institutions and worked for MNCs. But they are not what they seem.

Highlighting key points that i observed during my stay at the company
1. No offer letters will be given. It was only me and my two team mates who got offer letters and rest all no.
2. No Pay slips. (Management once asked its employees whether pay is important or payslip when employees requested to issue payslips.)
3. No Taxes will be paid though the company deducts the money from salary.
4. Threaten employees if they show
their unwillingness to continue with the organization. Most of the employees quit without any prior notice. Whoever gives notice they are made victims of management’s foul tactics.

None of the employees during my stay at the company had a smooth exit.

One rhetoric statement from management is “we are in the process of streamlining the company and your issue will be addressed in couple of months time”. Streamlining is still……….

1. Hari Krishna Ganti (
2. Margapuri Ravikiran (
3. Vani Gudimella (




  1. Ravikiran Avatar

    We paid all the dues to giri within 5 months as we had cash flow issue. Infact I sold personal assets to do this. We have paid all dues but this ex employee does not acknowledge the payment.

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