colledge refused to give councelling money received from wbjeeb

We had taken admission in KANKSA ACADEMY OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT ( Present TECHNO INDIA DURGAPUR ) through e-councelling in TFW seats in ECE . But due to unfullfillment of collegde seats, colledge had not done our registration . In that case colledge refused to refund the councelling money . But WBJEEB had confirmed us via email that they already sent the councelling money to the colledge . As well as colledge authority aslo denying of receiving any money from WBJEEB . And WBJEEB advices us to take legal action against colledge , at the time it is not possible for them to take legal action against colledge . colledge try to transfer their student to TECHNO INDIA BANIPUR but all student had refused the transfer to banipur . In that way they had wasted our 1 year.. contact no :7501644512 e-mail address [email protected]

so, it is our earnest request to you, please take step against the colledge .

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