Click 2 careers & click 4 MNC Job fraud / fake job site

I got call from and told me that they have good opening in top management with good package in reputed companies in mumbai. They told me to register if you like the opportunities. They shared with me 3-4 opportunities. As the opportunities sound good to me so i registered with 5500 on 6/12/19. I thought that this the only charges for good opportunities so i paid without thinking much. After the payment he told me that tomorrow you will get call from our hr consultant who will arrange for interview rounds. There was no call from them next day. I got call from his hr consultant on 3rd day. I inquired with him for delay in calling me. He said that we didn’t get confirmation from the company side so it got delayed. But today we got confirmation so i called you to fix telephonic interview with hr person of the company. But before proceed further with interview process, you need to generate 3 ids. I told him that this was not told earlier. He told me that this amount will be reimbursed when you get your first salary. I was very frustrated at that moment. He told me that you rest assure, you will appreciate my work. I paid rs 8800 for ids. Later he said that you have to pay for each id. This amount is for verification id only. My frustration was increasing but can’t help as i have already invested twice. So i decided to pay of other id (Interview id 7600 and tm id 9700 on 8/12/19). After paying the amount he said that hr person from company side is available for telephonic interview. I will confirm with her and call you once confirmation is received. He called me after 1 hour that hr person is available for telephonic interview at 4pm. I said ok for this. He took conference call with her. She inquired little bit about me and said to me that you are coming from third party so you need to generate two more ids. I said nothing at that moment. After the call is over i called him what is this? Why are you not disclosing everything in one go. My frustration was increasing and told him that is this final charges i need to pay. He said yes. You need not pay any charges after this. He again assured me that you will get reimbursement and you will appreciate my work. I got convinced and paid money for two more ids (Appointment id 11300 and confirmation id 13700 on 8/12/19). After this payment he told me that he will arrange for physical round of interview with company in next week. After 2 days i got call from him for interview and took hr of the company on conference call. He again asked to generate two more ids. I said that i will not pay any penny now. I told him to return all my money. He told me that he will return my money if not interested. Next day i have written mail to return my money as there is no transparency in dealing. He said it will take 45 days. I said why so much days when you are talking money instantly? He said that he will return in 15 days as there is process which need to be followed. As 15 days is over, i am trying to call him but their phone is switched off. The lady who was representing hr head was sitting there only. Her name was vandana. The person who initially register was rahul singh (9667495232) and person who was representing as hr consultant was vishal singh / vikrant singh (9667495270).

On 6/1/2020, I got call from he took me in conference call to his hr consultant to discuss the job opportunities but he didn’t speak to me. He said to his representative that I have already discuss the opportunities with him yesterday. I inquired about his name. He said vikrant singh. He is the same guy who cheated me in the name of job earlier with Yesterday he discussed job opportunities with me in the name of kartikey. As his voice was familiar I asked about his surname yesterday but he said his name is only kartikey. I called vikrant today on his number given to me yesterday because his earlier number is switched off. I tried calling him 3-4 times but he didnt picked up my call. I tried one more time, this time the call was picked by person rahul singh. This is the same guy who enrolled me to register in I inquired him about vikrant, he said he is busy. I also asked him when are you going to refund my money. He said he will let me know by tomorrow. Both these guys earlier number are switched off. They are using multiple number to trap job seekers. Theses guys are having multiple fake job sites. Their representative call same job seeker because they don’t know them. The number from which i got call are mentioned here. Priyanka (9958299012), (7042090715), Vikrant singh (9773781812) their email id and number are mentioned here. [email protected] or call us at +91- 9319849903

On 9/6/20 I got again call from the regarding the job opening. They are back into the business of cheating and fraud after the lockdown in country. The person called me was same ( Aakash Singh & Rahul Singh) as who cheated me on He asked me that are you looking for the new job opportunity? I told him yes. He told me that he will connect me to his HR head for further discussion. I asked him what is his name. He told me name of HR head as Vikrant Singh and I told him to connect with him. This Vikrant Singh is also same person who talk in such a way that no one can find out as fake job consultant. After some time putting call on hold, aakash told me that you are already registered and he will call me back in half hour to say about when they are going to return my money. I waited for 3 hours but no call from their side. I again called him and this time he told me that they are going to refund my money by end of June-20. They have made several promises earlier also. The click2careers and click4mnc are same. They are using multiple job sites to cheat with job seekers. I am putting this here so that no one come into trap of this guy’s. They are sitting in Delhi and saying that they are calling from Pune. The talk which they do with job seekers is also very much scripted. Because all other fake job sites uses same script. This is also one way to identify frauder.

I need your help to get my money back. The click2careers and click4mnc are same. Click2careers website is closed now and currently they are operating from click4mnc. They change their numbers frequently so that they can’t be reachable. They are big frauders and cheaters in job industry.

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