Cheating and Harassment by OLA Cab

I have booked a sedan class car from OLA App as we had a ritual of sending my recently married sister to my brother in law house with good amount of goods to take. I have got a conformation mail informing that it is silver color swift sedan class with minimum, maximum price and other conditions. we were shocked to see that the car was swift of hatch back type, immediately i called to call centre who started to say that the car was sedan type which he can see in his monitor. He didnt beileve until the driver conformed him. After that thing again he hold my call for 5 min and conformed and just said sorry and if we need he will book cab which reachs after 20 min.
we booked sedan car at 3:00 pm for 4:15 pm to reach ECIL before 5:30 pm which is 45 min journey from my house. the call centre person humiliated me to send car saying he is contacting and called same cab driver who is infront of me pushing him to accept the car as sedan. By the time he didnot do anything the time was 4:30. For the first tym i saw my sister who was about to cry for this situation. But i requested car driver to take my sister and mother with good placed on seats. Me and My Dad sat on bike with remaining luggage and followed the car.
In between the cab company cancelled the trip and started sending me fake messages that other sedan cars will be reaching with in 20 minutes and till now. After calling to service centre they send me a message of complete cancellation. They said the cab driver not to take fare or give them bill which maade me think about it. After reaching brother in law home i took photos of cab and driver facing the house and also took a signature on a paper mentioning that he dropped us. Yet the driver mentioned that their company persons told that we cant complain on them as there was no printed or pakka proof.
Then i understood the conspiracy behind the Cab company yet i collected the proof to file complaint because it is not about my feeling or my family it about the company commitment which didnt even know about the car they are sending or about the driver which can cause crimes which already seen before in my city especially human trafficking and raping.
I request you to take necessary action so that in future no consumer gets cheated or humiliated.
thanking you,
Jai Hind


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