Cheated Qi Spine clinic (Gurgaon)

This complaint is against Qi Spine Clinic

I have complained more than day ago and yet I have no resolution. Qi Spine Clinic owe me a refund for unutilized service. I diligently followed their process and yet zero results. I paid advance basis an assurance that there will be result in two weeks or 6 sessions. Plus they took 4000 extra for some spine test ! I feel cheated. They should refund the 8000 of the 10,000 I paid. Dr Preeti, Shikha of Qi all have met me and I am still waiting.

Dr Preeti told me that it was Qi Spine Clinic company policy to collect advance and since I was desperate due pain, I paid. Only to realize that they would give barely 20 minutes for charging 1000 per session and even though I did all exercises diligently, 5 times a day as suggested, I was still in huge pain. Thats when I realized that Qi Spine Clinic is about making money from people in pain. They run a Con Job and I have ended up spending 10000 to learn 6 exercises !!

If Qi Spine Clinic is so sure of themselves, they should be giving my money back and focussing on those satisfied with their work.

Unless I get a call in next two days, I will be approaching the Consumer Forum. This is the only way I can stop Qi Spine Clinic from cheating other people.

Shivam Kumar
Cheated by Qi Spine Clinic Gurgaon> I have complained direct to Qi with no results.


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