Change of Items in the Parcel

Location/place: Mulund, Mumbai

Name of company/service: Indian Post Service

Hi All,

I would like to seek your help here. It a very shameful act that the Indian Postal Service department has undertaken for which it is not owning the responsibility.
One of my relative has sent a parcel bag of 5 Sarees worth Rs.4250/- approx. through registered post from West Bengal to me.

However when the parcel was delivered at my residence, we were away and hence later on we had to collect the parcel from the nearby POST Office.

When we go it home and opened it, 3 sarees of Rs.1000/- each were missing & the same were replaced by torn out clothes & we received the balance 2 sarees which were cheap comapared to the other 3 sarees.

When we went to the post office asking the same they denied the fact & didnt agree to investigate it.

I would thereby like to lodge this complaint and seek required authorities assistance.


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