Cancellation of flight without prior intimation & alternate options

Name of company/service: Kingfisher RED

I had a booking in Kingfisher Red for 2 sectors ( Bhubaneswar- Bangalore, Bangalore-Kochi)on 4th Nov for self and family (2 adults & 2 children). I was informed on 3rd Nov evening of the flight cancellation(IT3446). All my holiday & travel plan thereafter was in jeopardy. How irresponsible of Kingfisher to do this at the last minute in peak holiday season. Reimbursing the ticket costs for both sectors was of no use to me at that time. I was simply told to connect to Customer service who would not pick up!! The real bother was the harassment caused when we had to frantically look for alternate options. I am looking for reimbursement of my whole holiday package that I had booked and had to miss.


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