Bosch Home India — Dishwasher repair

Extended warranty
model sms60l12in
fd serial 9701
consecutive no 423
date of purchase 30.06.2017

i had purchased bosch dish washer and same is in extended warenty up to 29 june 2021.I made complaint for not working and the same was attended lakshmi associates, madipakam, chennai..
As i was told online no charge in any repair up to 29 june 2021.After attending defects they are charging rs 800.I paid the same.
They are telling the reason for cahrging is rat bit.This was not told while attending.
This is cheating.
Secondly how rat will enter machine .He is telling biting plastic . I was surprised how a good plasticthe rat can bite.To clarrify the same i had called online also manager of lakshmi associates.No body is picking
hence this plastic is poor quality.Such a big company is putting poor material and disposing with huge cost.
I request to refund the service charges
replace the plastc with new one or took back machine and replace new one

big cheating if not solved i will publish in all media and file complaint in social media.


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