GTPL Broadband – the worst internet service in gujarat neither getting my connection shifted, nor giving money back

I got GTPL broadband connection for 6 months. After 2-3 months, I had to move to another city due to work. First thing I checked in new city was to make sure which Internet service provider is available there. The residents said GTPL is available and you get new connection in 2 days. I thought okay, I have GTPL so it would be easy for me.

So, I requested the shifting of my connection. They said shifting would take 2 to 7 days. I waited for 7 days. During that time there was no updates from company. I called the customer care department. They kept saying that the request is in process. After 13 days of suffocating behaviour by the company I asked for the refund of my unused period so I can move to another company and start working. But, the company said that the refund is not the company’s policy. They don’t stick to their own company’s policy (getting connection shifted the connection in 2-7 days) but for not refunding money they stick to their policy. I sent so many complaints through email and calls but they just keep saying the request is in process. They don’t have understating that my work is suffered without the internet. Neither they are getting my connection shifted on time nor they are refunding me the money.


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