Billing issue (as usual)

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Reliance Broadband


i took reliance Broadband connection unlimited (35 GB per Month for INR 800/-). i complained many times about the speed is not crossing 30 kbps in major locations in Hyderabad. but always reliance customer care people will tell you to check the settings, after i confirm settings they told me they will monitor the connection and tell the problem details after a day. they never called me after one day, one week even after one month. so i notified that i want to get rid of the connection by closing the final amount which should not be more than 800+ taxes if any. this month they sent me a bill of nearly INR 3000/- and never said any reason for remaining amount. i ask the manager in hyderabad branch to provide me a reason and detail bill of usage before 2 weeks but as of today he is not picking up my call/he didnt sent me any detail. moreover their customer care people are calling me everyday many times and telling me to pay the bill. in the bill i found INR 2000+ amount as VAT and the manager told me i downloaded 3 GB in one day (with a 30kbps speed connection.) after getting this reason i believe this could not happen to download 3 GB in one day with the peak speed reliance broadband provides and want to open this complaint against reliance.

if someone has more information about how to proceed further in this matter, please post me.


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