Bill Scam

Location/place: Patiala India

Name of company/service: Vodafone india Postpaid

I migrated my No. 9888299255 from Prepaid to Postpaid,

I took Rental Call Plan of 125 INR

Internet Data Pack for 99 INR

My Call Pack Expired in 8-9 Days so i charged 150-200 for that,

But when my Data pack was going to Expire i Called Customer Care they Told me to activate it again…

After that i Activated My Data Plan of 99 INR

My Bill Reached Rs 2000 Credit Limit, So i Paid Some amount of 1000 INR so i can have incomings on my Number,

I asked customer Care they told me that it is because of Data Usage, i told them i activated the data plan again, they asked its impossible to activate a plan twice in a. Bill cycle.., but last prev. Time customer care person told me to do so.

After that i turned off the number for 5-6 Days,

Yesterday My bill got Generated,
And it was of more than 4000 INR whereas my Credit Limit was set to 2000 INR

As i already Paid for 1000
Now my final Outstanding Amount is 3051,

But my limit is 2000 INR Only..

This is a fucking Scam

I wont pay any Bill now… If they came to my house i am gonna handle them in mybown way

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