BC 2nd Term Scholarships and Caution deposit for Academic Year 2009-2010 still not paid at KAKATIYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE, Warangal, A.P

Location/place: Warangal, A.P.

Name of company/service: KAKATIYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE, Warangal, A.P

I (Balakrishna Chintala) was a student of 2010 ECE Batch. (Roll no: 06016-T1529) in KAKATIYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE , Warangal..

I have applied for B.C Scholarship in 2010. Only first term of scholarship money(13000 Rs) was paid.
Regarding 2nd term scholarship money(rest 13000 Rs) we consulted Accounts and Scholarship section. They have mentioned that money has not yet been sanctioned by the Government. But, when we consulted B.C welfare office, they mentioned that money has been already transferred to respective college accounts. I have been consulting scholarship and accounts section from past 2 years. Scholarship section clerk was saying that money is pending with accounts section and accounts section clerk vice versa, he was telling that money has already sent to scholarship section. It has been more than 2 years, we still didn’t get scholarship money credited in our accounts.
This is the way how Accounts and Scholarship sections are working in our college. They are least bothered about passed out students.
I got fed-up with these guys and contacted principal directly. There is no response from him either. I have decided to launch a complaint.

Also, caution deposit money is still not credited to our bank accounts. We have submitted No Due form during leaving the college, Also, we mentioned all bank account details in that form. Still Caution deposit money is not credited. When we contacted account section regarding Caution deposit, the answer they gave is “why are you bothered about just 2000 rupees (with a smile on face)”, For single student its 2000. How about 500 students who passed out in year 2010. (2000*500= 10,00,000).

On behalf of all students, I humbly request you to take severe action on Scholarship and Accounts Section of KITS, Warangal. Please make sure that our Scholarship and Caution Deposit money is credited into our Bank Accounts. Please take actions so that these kind of problems are not encountered in future for other students.

Awaiting for your action and response.

Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully,
ECE-2010 Batch
Opp: Yerragattu Hillock, Vill: Bheemaram, Mandal: Hasanparthy, Warangal – 506 015, A.P.
Phone: 0870-2564888

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