Bajaj Finserv Harassment EVEN after all EMI payed

I had taken loan from Bajaj Finance with good reputation on 0% interest rate, but even after I have payed all EMI they are harassing me by different ways by asking additional 1250 Rs.
Loan Ac No.: 4180CD00076538
I had payed all EMI (2367) to pay 28400 Rs for Voltas AC purchased from Patel Sales Bopal, Ahmedabad. My Online account details also shows EMI due date as NA and CBIL score as NA. Even though they are troubling me by asking more 1250 Rs. Some times they call from Mumbai office, sometimes from Delhi and sometimes from Pune office.
I have all proof of complete payments and even then they are not understanding and often calling me and are causing me lot of mental torture and disturbance. They call me during my office working hrs so I am disturbed the whole day. For disturbance in my personal and professional life Bajaj Finserve is responsible.
Earlier they asked me 750 Rs and to get rid I also payed that, but now they are asking 1250 Rs unnecessarily and forcing me by calling from different offices.


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