Amount of INR 6916/- debited from my SCB account while online purchase of 2 tickets, with no booking confirmation.

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Spice Jet Airlines

I purchased two air ticket online with Spice Jet Airlines by using my Standard Chartered Bank Debit Card. I looged into the official website of Spice Jet and followed the online process of purchasing tickets. Please note that after typing everything that is passenger details i.e. name, address, age, travel date, preffered seat, amount etc etc, I clicked ok to submitt my online payment. The very next page came showing that TRANSACTION ERROR, PLEASE GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE AND RE-SUBMITT. Please note that inspite of transaction decline the said amount i.e. the cost of two ait tickets INR 6916/- was debited from my account and transferred to spice Jet’s account. This incident happened on 7th August 2010 and I have been chasing Spice Jet every day and night through phone and e-mail stating that the money has alreday been transferred into your account please confirm whether you have received my booking or not.

With due respect to the company I feel realy bad that they have come back saying that they have no booking in my name and neither thay havereceived such amount through anline transaction, whereas I have concrete proof in black and white which I have showed them. I have my Bank Account Statement which clearly indicates that the money is been transferred into their account. attach you will find my account statement wherein you will find that the amount of INR 6916/- has been credit to Spice Jet for Purchase. The case number which you will find in the statment is the complain number that was lodged with Spice Jet, but they were not at all helpful from their part to their customer like self.

Such type of harresment I ahve never faced in my life. I would like to claim my money back and I would also like to demand compensation from Spice Jet Airlines for the sake of harresment to their customers.

Savings Account Statement.pdf (170 KB)

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