activation of buddy chat without my consent

Location/place: nanded

Name of company/service: tata docomo

dear all,
i have a mobile no 8087256567 from tata docomo on which they activated buddy chat service and deducted rs 30 from my mobile no on 26 july 2010. on complaining they continuously informed me that it was done by me only through ivr but i said them i have activated dnd about 8 months ago and i could not receive any ivr still then after continuously writing to the nodal office for providing me the proof for the consent they received from my end for activating vas facility they kept mum and now after prompting them continuously they said that we are crediting your amount of rs 30 to your account but they are not replying about the consent proof aas they dont have it ,and the act they did was of theft or say 420 or if they have got 10 crore customer and do this activity with about 10% people what would be the amount they are making illegely or by theft .


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  1. rajvinder singh bhatia Avatar
    rajvinder singh bhatia

    i forgot to mention i wish to take this matter legally if anybody with same kind of trouble with any telcos kindly contact me on my cell no 8087256567 or my mail [email protected]

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