Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Nokia

This is regarding malfunctioning of My new Nokia 6700s.
On 09/08/10, I purchased a Nokia 6700s Slide phone from Nokia Priority, Koramanagala, Bangalore. However, within 2 months, it started having numerous problems.
It started off with the battery getting completely discharged in a day even though I used to charge it fully. As a new phone, the battery should work for at least 36-48 hrs which it was not supporting. I visited Nokia Care Indira nagar for this issue and it got rectified.
But, once this got resolved, within a week itself, issues with the display started popping up. The display Brightness used to fluctuate automatically. As a result I had to again rush to same Nokia Care , Indira Nagar. I received the phone after a week with no resolution.The problem still persisted. I again gave my phone the same day with the same issue to be rectified. After almost 10 days,I was informed that some chip has been changed but to my disappointment, the problem was still not resolved and once again, the phone had to be submitted.This was an add on to my agitation that I felt on that day.

I have also called Nokia Customer care helpline (080-30303838) twice and registered a complaint with them. I am following up on them after returnable date, But when I call , i do not get a satisfying response.

It has been over a month now with uncountable visits to Nokia care and still nothing has been done about it.


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