Location/place: Ramlal Chowk, Solapur 413001

Previous 3 complaint no without any action: 15137331005010002 dated 1 may 2010, 15137331005100001 dated 10 may 2010, 151373310051300001 dated 13 may 2010 I am holding NIC Data card CDMA for last 15 days there is no data transfer even though signal strength is fairly good. Complaint was lodged at local office & they replied server is down, problem will be solved in 3 days. Then they replied that problem is with Pune unit and then with Gujrat unit. I am unnecessarily charged as monthly rent eventhough the instrument is of no use. Data transfer claimed at 115 kbps is false as seen in windows task manager and can be proved easily. This is against the guidelines issued by TRAI.


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