Worst speed of internet,less than expected, no network in Broadband Mode

Location/place: 14/417 Gurunanak Nagar , Sirsa , Haryana 125055

Name of company/service: MTS MBlaze

we are using MTS MBlaze internet data card(modem)for Rs490/-per month. On the box, the Max speed written is 3.1 Mbps(about 3072kbps)but the actual speed is only 5 or 6 kbps, very very unexpected, but the charges are still 490/- per month. I have called to customer care about ten times, but no result. They have written complaint two times, first has no solution and another is in process for two days. If I wait for two days, I have lost 1/3 of my validity time. Please take necessary steps at the earliest.

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