worst mobile provider

Location/place: Surat Gujarat

Name of company/service: Idea cellular

Just horrible , Bought the card in 60 rupees and got 24 Rs talktime. Then from their Idea website for Gujarat according to the table recharged online with Rs 41 . Acccording to the table given in their website I was to get 35.17 balance the rest cut in taxes and charges . I did not get any talktime. When I called 198 they did not seem to want to atttend to my complaint and asked me to call 4444 (paid customer service). When I did so I was told that Rs 41 recharge means that I have changed my plan to 50 paise per minute outgoing from the default plan of 1 paise per second. When I told them that I recharged according to the information given on their website they kept repeating that “sir you have got the benefit of plan change “,the above sentence was repeated continuously and i had to hang up. In these 5 days I have sent emails describing my complaint and attachment of their web page with the recharge details etc to Investor griveance , apellate at least 5 times but have not received any reply except the auto generated acknowledgement.. Whenever I have tried to register complain they have refused to do so saying that ” your payment is recorded and you have received the benefit of plan change”. Whn I explain that it was due to their misleading table which was not updated and the said table specifically shows that on the recharge of Rs 41 , Rs 35.17 would be the balance credited ,it falls upon deaf years , Then I have to hang up as they again start telling me of the so called benefits and that their system shows that the balance has been credited and that they cannot do anything and that they would not even take the complaint..All this is at my expense (paid customer helpline)Please dont go for Idea .It is the worst

Please dont go for Idea , it is the worst and they dont care for their customers

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