Location/place: NOIDA

Name of company/service: TATASKY

Your complete team is useless, careless and shameless. I received no reply even from NODAL officer. Now where can i go to complain. Now its a routine job, every alternate day i shall make a complain, your technician will come, do this and that….and repeat the whole episode. Today again i needed to make a complain for NO SIGNAL. Its height of shamelessness.

I have decided finally to quit your WORLD CLASS service. Kindly reverse the balance amount (about Rs. 540/-) in my A/c. I am going to place the class of service provided to me on various consumer complaint websites, and if i donot receive my balance amount, i am going to lodge the complaint to consumer forum also, as i am a paid permanent member of Consumer forum. Give me a deadline date to reverse my balance amount. I want a reply directly from NODAL officer, that also in written. Hope we donot face each other in Consumer Forum, else you will be penalized for mentally harassing me for more than 4 months.


— On Mon, 17/9/12, VIKASH ANAND wrote:

Subject: Fw: Very Serious COMPLAINT: ID 1052259858
To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Date: Monday, 17 September, 2012, 8:20 PM

— On Mon, 17/9/12, VIKASH ANAND wrote:

Subject: Very Serious COMPLAINT: ID 1052259858
To: [email protected], [email protected]
Date: Monday, 17 September, 2012, 8:11 PM

Dear Sir,

It is to complain that from last 4-5 months, your service is just horrible to bear with. I am associated with you for nearly 2.5 years. I enjoyed your services happily for 2 years, but now from last 4-5 months, it has become a horrible NIGHTMARE for me. I am really scared by the name TATASKY.

For the first time, about 5 months back, i received the “NO SIGNAL” problem and registered one complaint with your customer care number. Your installer visited and told that anchor bolts of dish antenna is lossened, he by some means temporarily tightened the bolts and warned me that antenna should be relocated as concrete surrounding bolts are weakened. After 2-3 weeks, again “NO SIGNAL” problem started, i complained again and re-iterated the warning from earlier technician that dish antenna needs replacement, and they registerd my complaint accordingly. This time technician arrived and told that antenna has been fixed firmly, no need is there to replace the antenna.

within a week, problem re-occured and i registered the complaint of “NO SIGNAL” and strictly told to relocate the antenna. Your technician came, while i was in my office, and what he did, was not witnessed by anyone from my side. However Problem was ceased. After 2 weeks problem re-occured. When i again contacted your customer care number, i was told that my antenna was not relocated last time. I was in a deep setback, when i strictly told to relocate the antenna, then why it was not relocated? In deep anger, this time i registered my complaint just to RELOCATE my antenna. Antenna was relocated im my presence and problem seemed to subside finally for one month.

From last one week, the problem of “NO SIGNAL” has become a NIGHTMARE to me. One technician came and made a master reset and told now problem wont re-occur. Just after a day, problem re-occured, i made another complaint, one technician came and replaced the set-top box (on 16/09/12). Just after 4-5 hours to that, the problem “NO SIGNAL” started very severely. Again i made complaint on 16/09/2012 only that even after replacing the set-top box, problem is persisting and literally warned the operator, that if the problem is not ending after this complaint, i am going to get out of your service.

Today no one arrived, and the worst thing happened that, set-top box is not receiving any signal at all from remote control itself. Screen is fixed on channel 100. I again made one complaint just now (17/09/2012: 07:10 PM), and i got just SHOCKED by the statement of operator that, Yesterday only one complaint was made by me, and that is showing closed with set-top box replaced message. My next complaint was not registered.

Now i searched your email ID through chat option, and making all the history of my complaints known to the NODAL OFFICER of tatasky. To me, NODAL OFFICER is having vast responsibility and authority. I couldn’t find email of even higher authority than NODAL OFFICER, in fact i want to make this complaint to the DIRECTOR level.

If my complaint is not reviewed seriously by you within 2 days, and after attending my complaint, problem re-occurs, I’ll definitely say GOODBYE to your service. From the above matter, you yourself can judge the quality of your service. Had i been in your place, i would have felt very shameful reading the whole matter. So, Gentlemen, this is my last attempt to get rid of problems and GOD promise, i mean it very very seriously.

ID- 1052259858

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