Washing machine-poor electronics

Location/place: Panchkula, Haryana, India

Name of company/service: Whirlpool washing machine

Dear Sir/Madam,
I had bought Whirlpool Whitemagic Fp65 fuzzy washing machine in July 2006 . It has never worked properly from day 1.
1. Its drain pipe was leaky at time of installation for which it was taken to service center for repairs free of cost.
2. In September 2006, its drain water pump motor got burnt and it was again repaired free of cost.
3. In November 2008, its inlet water pump got burnt and this time it was repaired on payment of Rs 900.
4. In March 2009, control panel (PCB) became dysfunctional and I got it replaced in Rs 3200.
5. In September 2010, control panel and inlet pump malfunctioned and replaced in Rs 3200.
6. In April 2011, control panel has again malfunctioned and I need to pay Rs 3000 approx as informed by the service center (Supreme Customer care center, Industrial Area-2, Chandigarh).
I am fed up of the performance of this washing machine which keeps bugging every 4-5 months. I own a whirlpool fridge and 2 ACs and both are functioning well and power supply to my house is regulated by a central voltage stabilizer and all other electrical equipment in my house are working well.
It is obvious that this washing machine is flawed and is causing me financial and mental harassment.
Whenever I tried to ask the reason of frequent malfunction from Whirlpool engineers, reply would be voltage fluctuations, hard water, etc etc.
I want to ask why this company fails to acknowledge that the machine is faulty. Why can’t electronic goods manufacturers become as responsible as car makers for e.g. Honda who recall thousands of cars to correct the smallest defect.


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