Location/place: Kazichak , Bounsi Road , Bhagalpur (Bihar)

Name of company/service: HP /HP PRINTER F4488

Dear Sir , i am having two number of HP Printer both are purchased very recently (three or four months old) it is covered with one year warranty , recently my self logged one service call against case id : 3179333 through phone , in response the same service people came at my place and open/checked the same product and told me after one hour through phone that your printer will not accept under warranty .Now my question is why it is not covered with warranty? Actual case is that one or two months before my self has visited that service point along with my another printer that was also under warranty but for repairing /replacement purpose he has charged me Rs 300/- which was conveyed to HP People through complaint letter . that’s why they are revenging me .Kindly support me


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