want my shares back

Location/place: sagar ,india

Name of company/service: BOB

In 1997 I bought 100 shares of Bank of BARODA by PUBLIC OFFER.I also received its certificate.My Reg. Folio no. is – BBE170785 and CERTIFICATE NO. is – 246159 .Distinctive no. is 0220615701 to 0220615800 .I was not informed about 2nd call money at all via any means and so I didn’t pay the 2nd call money as I was not informed about it.I contacted them many times to transfer my shares into my DEMAT account.I wrot them letters in the years 2002 to fulfill the need,but they didn’t reply.Again I tried to contact them in 2005 via letter and they sent a letter in return informing that my letter has been sent to the share unit of BANK of Baroda for further clarification on the issue.In 2006 I sent the original share certificate to transfer it into my Demat but they kept the original share certificate and told me that due to miscellaneous reasons all my ” NEW DRF REQUIRED AND OLD SHARES ARE FORFEITED AND RETAINED BY THE COMPANY.” Also they neither returned my money nor transfered the shares into my Demat account.Now they should either return my money back along with the interest or transfer the shares into my Demat account.
Awadh Sharan Shandilya
ph. no.- 9406531741, 07582227292
H. no.-243,Deen Kuti Parkota,Sagar,Madhya Pradesh

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