Vodafone Harasses an Inncoent Customer!

Location/place: ABOHAR

Name of company/service: VODAFONE

Dear Mam/Sir,
Docket number-294250643
Docket no.-294651508

On 29 May 2012, I got an sms that “Competition Pack has been activated on your number 8054901959.

But my point is I hadn’t requested for it at all!!! So why and How this pack got activated on my number without my consent??? As a consumer, I have a right to choose But Vodafone stubbornly thrust this unwanted service on my mobile without letting me know… Which is totally unethical practice towards consumer.

When I demanded an explanation regarding this deduction of Rs. 5 on the account of Unsubscribed “COMPETITION PACK” by sending an e-mail to customer care, they simply snubbed my requests and didn’t gave me any adequate information except saying that ,”deduction is rightful. Hence Reversal of Rs. 5 can’t be processed.”

As a customer I have a right to information and right to choose But Vodafone India went against the law and Charged me for what I didn’t choose or used!! When I asked them information regarding this deduction they simply snubbed me!! Its totally unfriendly and abominable malpractice from Vodafone!!

Vodafone cheated and stole Rs. 5 from my account on the name of Unsubscribed “COMPETITION PACK”

Actually, On 29 May 2012,I used this number for sending an sms to KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI… And that’s why VODAFONE considered me a perfect prey to charge for the “COMPETITION PACK” But without my consent.

Vodafone customer care says that I dialed a number for this VAS services, But when I asked them which number I dialed?? They became mute and couldn’t explain it and simply avoided me!

This is not a matter of just Rs. 5 but a matter of Honesty and integrity towards customer.

I need justice. Kindly help me out!!!

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